On a site of more than 7 hectares in the Nantes region, Tolazzi has complete control over the wood processing chain, via a pre-cutting workshop, 9 drying cells with a total capacity of 1000 m³ and 8000 m² of storage space.
We are thus able to cut American wood – oak, chestnut, Douglas fir, etc. – or exotic wood – Azobe, Badi, Iroko, etc. – for the furniture and interior design industries.

types of wood :

Unedged, square edged, pre-cutting and beams

French Hardwoods (Oak, Beech, Ash, Cherry, Sycamore, Alisier, Elm....)

American Hardwoods (Oak, Ash, Cherry, Maple ....)

African exotic wood (Sipo, Sapelli, Movingui, Niangon, Mahogany....)

Exotic wood South America (Cumaru, Ipe...)

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